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CBD flowers: a guide to correct use and temperature in the vaporizer

The active ingredient CBD is a legal option for the medical treatment of bodily ailments. In this article, we explain what exactly CBD flowers are, why they can be legally purchased in contrast to hemp with THC content and what effect the flowers have. In this guide, we also answer frequently asked questions from first-time users about use and temperature settings.

What exactly are CBD flowers and why are they legal?

The legal active ingredient CBD and the illegal active ingredient THC are found in the flower production of hemp plants. Common hemp has a high amount of THC (a psychoactive substance that is illegal in most countries) and a low amount of CBD. CBD hemp plants, on the other hand, only have a low THC content (less than 0.3%). If the THC content of flowers is below 0.3%, the consumption and possession of CBD hemp is legal in many countries. Holistic herbal medicine, as practiced in Ayurveda or traditional Chinese medicine, uses the hemp plant as an alternative medicine for health-promoting purposes.

What effect do CBD flowers have?

CBD hemp should be thought of as a medicinal plant, as CBD does not contain any psychoactive substances, i.e. you will not get high when consuming it! Depending on the person, their sensitivity and the amount taken, a relaxed, pleasant feeling is created in the body without the head becoming foggy - you remain completely sober and everyday life is not affected. However, the feeling of relaxation described helps many users with muscle pain, epilepsy and similar conditions. Some users describe the effect as energetic or sedative, depending on the strain and amount. Many positive properties of cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes have been clinically proven.

We recommend consuming a small amount of CBD flowers to begin with in order to test the body's own reaction and only then increase the amount if necessary.

How can CBD flowers be taken?

CBD flowers can be taken in various ways. The most common areas of application are

  • Smoking in a cigarette or pipe

  • Consume orally, e.g. in the form of tea, capsules or cookies

  • Vaporize in a vaporizer, either as a liquid or in the form of dried flowers

Numerous testimonials state that the use of CBD liquid is less intense than vaporizing CBD flowers. Some users are of the opinion that the effect of CBD flowers sets in immediately after the first puffs, while it takes a little longer with CBD liquid.

How do you fill the vaporizer with CBD flowers?

After the dried flowers have been crushed with a grinder, the flower crumbs are placed in the material chamber. To get the best results when vaporizing CBD flowers, it is essential to fill the chamber correctly! The chamber should contain neither too much nor too little material. The ideal filling quantity is when the crushed flowers lie loosely on top of each other to allow the right amount of heat to circulate. This can be recognized particularly well by a strong steam and the even discoloration of the spent blossoms. If too little material in the vaporizer, the CBD is consumed more quickly without being able to develop its full effect. However, if there is too much material in the vape, the heat cannot be distributed evenly. This means that some flowers are vaporized "empty", while other parts still contain ingredients that cannot dissolve.

At what temperature should CBD flowers be vaporized?

The right temperature when vaporizing CBD is important because the various active ingredients such as cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes dissolve at different temperatures and are contained in the vapor. To release the beneficial substances from CBD flowers, the vape should be set to a temperature between 160° and 180°. If the temperature is too high, the CBD will only burn unnecessarily. Each user will find the right temperature after a few trials and is usually based on personal reference.

Note: This article is not suitable for persons under the age of 18!
This article describes the possible uses of CBD flowers, provided that these flowers do not contain more than 0.2% THC. The purpose of this article is not to entice, support or encourage people to abuse addictive substances.

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