Stilus Pro conduction

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🌿Herbal vaporizer
♨ ️ State-of-the-art conduction heating system
🇩🇪 Developed in Germany
🔋 Replaceable 18650 LG battery and USB-C
🔥 Continuous temperature from 80°C to 220°C
⏳ LED display with endless timer

Young German start-up

2 year warranty and premium support

Fast shipping 1-2 business days

Stilus Pro conduction

The Stilus Pro Conduction is the further development of the Stilus and the epitome of modernity and taste.

Choose between constant or increasing temperature during your session for an individual vaping experience exactly to your taste.

With the clear LED display and 3-button operation, you have full control over your herbs.

Make every move a work of art and every moment an experience.



You can conveniently charge the powerful 18650 battery via USB-C via any USB port. Do you want to be even more flexible? Simply change the battery on the go and extend your running time with as many additional batteries as you like!

For herbs.

Aroma that your expectations
thanks to the top conduction heating system and stepless temperature setting from 80°C to 220°C.

(Waxes and oils available separately
Capsules possible.)


Pure steam, nothing else.


With HIZEN we create devices that are modularly expandable and - wherever possible - compatible with one another.

Modular, expandable concept.

With ZEN we create devices that are modularly expandable and - wherever possible - compatible with each other.

There are plenty of accessories for your new style so you can vape to your heart's content. You decide which mouthpiece suits you, whether you travel with or without dosing capsules and how many spare batteries are in your backpack!

We think sustainably.

We guarantee years of vaping with your device. You can obtain all wear and spare parts separately from us. If necessary, repairs can be carried out by our technical support.

If the battery dies after a while, you can replace it yourself and give your Stilus new life.


All HIZEN devices and popular accessories are developed by our young team in beautiful Baden-Württemberg. There we work with attention to detail to improve technology and design. And we always have an open ear for our customers.

Thats what our customers say

Tobias M.

I decided on the device because of the consistently positive reviews and I'm very impressed! :) The taste is very good for me - the workmanship and "handling" are solid and simple and the look is quite appealing. All of my expectations were met and that's why I gave it 5 stars in every category. I also ordered herbal capsules to prevent contamination of the combustion chamber! :)


Consuming CBD flowers as a non-smoker is a bit difficult without a vaporizer. I looked at some devices in the local shop but was a little confused by the high prices, at least if you want something solid and tidy. I didn't like the cheap devices because of their workmanship and, above all, how they were used. The HIZEN vaporizer stick is super handy, very valuable and extremely easy to use. I am absolutely thrilled with it and can only advise everyone to try it out if they get the chance. You can use it to vaporize many types of herbs and consume them with almost no harmful substances.

Ingrid W.

I bought the device to smoke medical cannabis for pain therapy... I think the device is really great... I can only recommend it


Everything is as described and super satisfied after every use.

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