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When you decide to buy your first (or second or fifth) vaporizer, you will quickly notice that there are now a variety of brands and models on the market. But which device is right for you? In this article, we would like to give you a guide that explains what you need to consider when buying.

Vaporizers, also known as vapes or (herbal) vaporizers, differ not only in design, price and quality, but also in their functionality. It is therefore important to find out about the most important features before buying.


In principle, vapes all work in the same way: a constant supply of heat activates and dissolves the various organic ingredients of herbs (or waxes/oils) from the plant material without burning it. This is very low in pollutants and odors and is discreet.


A vaporizer can be distinguished by two heating methods: Conduction and convection. With conduction vaporizers, the heating chamber is heated, which has direct contact with your herb material. With convection heating technology, an element under the heating chamber heats the air drawn in and extracts active ingredients from the plant material as it flows through the chamber. The two methods differ in terms of vapor density, intensity and aroma. Which heating method is better for a vaporizer? That depends on your preferences. In our article "Convection vs. conduction" we have explained the two heating techniques in detail and compared the advantages and disadvantages of the two heating methods for you,

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What should you look out for when buying a vaporizer?

First and foremost: high-quality materials, as they provide more safety

As the market for vaporizers has grown considerably in recent years, there are unfortunately also many counterfeit and inferior products available. In the worst case, incredibly cheap products can cause the battery to burst into flames. It is therefore important to pay close attention to which supplier is selling the vaporizer and how much information they provide about their device (counterfeiters tend not to provide any product information or do not have their own website with contact details).

Warranty and support from the manufacturer

Good vapes from trustworthy brands usually have a warranty period of 1 to 2 years. Within this time, you should be able to send your broken vaporizer back to the company without much trouble and receive either a free repair or a new device. Each brand has its own terms and conditions. If you have any questions about the product or its use, it is also an advantage if the manufacturer offers a support service. This can be done either via a hotline, a website chat or by email.

Wear parts can be reordered individually

Like any everyday object, a vape also has its wearing parts. You should therefore purchase a product for which parts are also available individually. These include, for example, the battery, mouthpiece and screens.

Replaceable and powerful battery

As already mentioned, the battery is also one of the wearing parts. You should definitely opt for a device that has a replaceable and powerful (approx. 3200 mAh) battery. If the battery is installed in the vape and it suddenly stops working, you can dispose of the entire vaporizer or you will have to send it to the manufacturer for replacement and manage without it for a few days. Probably the biggest advantage of a replaceable battery is the flexible use on the go. If you forget to fully charge your device again, simply grab your spare battery and your day is saved.

Individually expandable accessories

It is always an advantage if your vaporizer is individually expandable. These can be accessories such as charging adapters, different mouthpieces, oil & wax chambers, herb dosing chambers or bong adapters.

Removable mouthpiece

No matter which herbs or waxes you vaporize, unsightly deposits will build up on the mouthpiece after a while. Therefore, make sure that the mouthpiece is removable. You can either soak it in a cleaning solution or simply clean it with a brush or cotton bud. If the mouthpiece breaks or if you simply want to replace it, it is important to be able to reorder it separately.

Simple operation or display with clear information

It doesn't necessarily have to be a fancy LED display, as long as the operation is intuitive and uncomplicated. If you attach great importance to having full control over your device, you should get one with a display, as this allows you to see the exact charge level, temperature, operating mode, heating process, duration of your session, etc. The last thing you want when vaping is to have to guess what you have set or when the battery will next run out out of the blue.

Flexible charging options

Make sure that you can charge your vape quickly and independently. At least one built-in micro USB port should be available for this purpose. The newer devices on the market can also be charged via USB-C. This means you can charge your vaporizer wherever there is a USB port. We hope that we have been able to give you a little help with your vape purchase and wish you lots of fun with your new vaporizer!

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