The right cleaning for your vaporizer - instructions & tips for "clean vaporizing

Die richtige Reinigung für deinen Vaporizer – Anleitung & Tipps für „sauberes Verdampfen - HIZEN

The right cleaning for your vaporizer - instructions & tips for "clean vaporizing"

It should go without saying that your vaporizer needs regular cleaning. But how does it work & what do you need to bear in mind? We would like to give you step-by-step instructions for daily and deep cleaning, including important tips to keep your vape shining like new. We also reveal how you can extract the remaining resin after vaporizer cleaning.

Why is it important to clean a vaporizer regularly?

During use, the warm vapor condenses through contact with the cooler elements of the vaporizer and over time, sticky, resinous deposits build up. This clogs the airways and the performance of the vape decreases over time. This shortens the functionality and service life of the vaporizer. You can positively influence the quality of the vapor and its performance by cleaning it regularly. As soon as you notice that the taste or performance changes, it's time to clean the vape. Depending on the intensity of use, this should be done every 4 days (heavy use) or once a week (normal use).

Improved taste Extended service life "Clean" vaporization

Step-by-step vaporizer cleaning - What needs to be considered?

We recommend removing the herbal residue with isopropyl alcohol. However, this solvent is very strong and should not come into contact with all vaporizer materials. In general, plastic or synthetic materials on the base and vape head should only be wiped with alcohol instead of being inserted. We advise you to always wear gloves during this process. If you want to clean your vaporizer with a home remedy, it is best to use vodka. Stay away from alcohol and ethanol! These liquids take a long time to evaporate and are harmful if inhaled. To keep your vape pen clean for a long time, we recommend a short daily cleaning.

You need these utensils for daily cleaning of your vaporizer:

  • Isopropyl alcohol / rubbing alcohol
  • Vaporizer cleaning set
  • Cotton buds

Quick cleaning of your vaporizer:

  1. Let your vaporizer get cold. Then disassemble it into its individual parts
  2. Brush all herbs and flower residues out of the herb chamber and the sieve using a small cleaning brush
  3. Now dip the cotton bud in isopropyl alcohol and clean the mouthpiece and screen.
  4. To clean the chamber for stubborn residues, the cotton bud should only be damp when cleaning so that no liquid gets into the electronics
Depending on how often you use your vaporizer, you should thoroughly clean your device every 1 - 2 weeks.

You will need these utensils for deep cleaning:

  • Isopropyl alcohol
  • Plastic container
  • Cleaning brush
  • Cotton buds

6 simple steps to clean your vaporizer:

  1. Let your vaporizer get cold. Then disassemble it into its individual parts (remember the composition!)
  2. Place individual parts such as mouthpieces, screens and chambers in a plastic container
  3. Cover the parts with isopropyl alcohol for approx. 30 minutes
  4. In the meantime, clean the chamber with isopropyl alcohol using a (slightly damp) cotton bud. Make sure that no liquid gets into the electronics.
  5. Now rinse all parts with clear water (a brush helps with stubborn incrustations)
  6. Allow to air dry
Our tip: The alcohol with the resin residue can be collected in a jar and used several times. You can find out how to extract resin from the rubbing alcohol further down in the article. Important! To remove alcoholic residues, the vape should first be "evaporated", regardless of which cleaning method you have chosen. To do this, set the vaporizer with an empty herb chamber to a low heat (at least 100 °C) and operate the vaporizer for a few minutes.

Cleaning the vaporizer and extracting the resin - how does it work?

You can carry out this very simple (but also very time-consuming) procedure either after each use of the isopropyl or if you have used the alcohol several times and there are more resin deposits in it. Leave the open jam jar in a dry, well-ventilated and safe place for about a week. After that, the rubbing alcohol will have evaporated and you can use a small spatula to place the remaining resin or oil on a drip pad and evaporate it.
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