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Stilus Pro conductionStilus Pro conduction
Stilus Pro conduction Sale price$132.00
Stilus Pro Convection 3.0Stilus Pro Convection 3.0
Stilus Pro Convection 3.0 Sale price$143.00
Save $11.00
Convectum 2.0 - HIZENConvectum 2.0 - HIZEN
Convectum 2.0 Sale price$154.00 Regular price$165.00
Stilus 3.0Stilus 3.0
Stilus 3.0 Sale price$88.00
Save $33.00
Nanu x Vaporizer 3000 Openmind Limited Edition - HIZEN
Stilus Pro MAXStilus Pro MAX
Stilus Pro MAX Sale price$154.00

Your vaporizer. Your style.

Get the most out of your herbs! Whether conduction or convection, our vaporizers accompany you reliably, elegantly and discreetly.

Find the vaporizer that suits you!

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Your new vaporizer is just a few clicks away.

What is the right device for you?

Buying a vaporizer can be so easy, but being spoiled for choice is making your life difficult? Pay attention to the following points:

Conduction vs. convection

Vaporizers with the technically less complex conduction heating technology directly heat the heating chamber and the plant material it contains. During convection, active ingredients are extracted by supplying hot air into the chamber. The heating is gentler and more even without burning substances.

For more information read here.

Herbs, waxes or oils?

All HIZEN vaporizers are herbal vaporizers. You can also easily vaporize waxes or oils using dosing capsules available separately.

HIZEN vaporizers are not e-cigarettes and are not designed for the use of liquids.

The size is what matters?

Whether slim style or compact Convectum - all models are absolutely suitable for everyday use, fit comfortably in the hand and fit in your pocket!