Find suitable batteries for your vaporizer and practical extensions such as our charging sets with additional batteries and USB-C connection. Our batteries and charging sets offer maximum flexibility so that you can enjoy your vaping experience easily and at any time. Discover how our stand-alone charging sets keep your vaporizer always ready for use.

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Batteriefach L - Stilus & Stilus Pro - HIZEN
Ersatzakku L 18650 - HIZEN
Spare battery L 18650 Sale price€10,90
Micro USB-Ladeadapter für Batteriefach L
USB-C Ladeset - Ladeadapter, 18650 Akku und Akkufach - HIZEN

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Intensify your vaping experience with premium accessories. Discover new possibilities and limitless flexibility.

Capsules, mouthpieces & Co

Why buy vaporizer accessories?

HIZEN vaporizer accessories are your key to even more individuality. The modular expandability and high compatibility allow you variety and flexibility.


In our vaporizer shop you will find various mouthpieces made of glass or silicone, bong adapters and water filters for the different vaporizer models.


Dosing and storing until the next session? No problem! Simply pre-portion the contents of 6 sessions and store the capsules airtight for on the go or at home. Expand your vaping experience to include waxes and oils with suitable dosing capsules.


So that you never run out of juice again, all HIZEN devices are equipped with replaceable batteries. With a spare battery and charging adapter, you are always well prepared for an emergency!