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🌿Herbal vaporizer
♨ ️ Soft-Z convection heat
🇩🇪 Developed in Germany
🔋 Replaceable 18650 LG battery and USB-C
🔥 Continuous temperature from 80°C to 220°C
⏳ LED display with endless timer
👋 Ceramic mouthpiece

🚀🇩🇪 Junges deutsches Start Up 🌱💡

🔒 2 Jahre Garantie und Premium Support 💬

🚚 Schneller CO2-neutraler Versand Gratis ab 50€ 🌿

🔍🇩🇪 In Deutschland entwickelt 🔬🚀


You can conveniently charge the powerful 18650 battery via USB-C via any USB port. Do you want to be even more flexible? Simply change the battery on the go and extend your running time with as many additional batteries as you like!

HIZEN Nanu x Openmind

Nanu x Vaporizer 3000

The HIZEN Nanu aka Vaporizer3000 is a source of pleasure. The convection vaporizer takes you on a journey of relaxation. The aromas dance in the air and you feel as if you are floating on an aromatic cloud. It's your mini break in which you forget the stress of everyday life and just enjoy. Enjoy the aromas and active ingredients of your herbs to the fullest without burning or producing smoke. State-of-the-art convection technology ensures gentle and even heating. Experience taste in its purest form and don't take everyday life too seriously.


For herbs.

Aroma that your expectations
thanks to the top conduction heating system and stepless temperature setting from 80°C to 220°C.


Pure steam, nothing else.

No frills, just pure taste!


With HIZEN we create devices that are modularly expandable and - wherever possible - compatible with one another.

Modular, expandable concept.

With HIZEN we create devices that are modularly expandable and - wherever possible - compatible with one another.

There are plenty of accessories for your new style so you can vape to your heart's content. You decide which mouthpiece suits you, whether you travel with or without dosing capsules and how many spare batteries are in your backpack!

We think sustainably.

We guarantee years of vaping with your device. You can obtain all wear and spare parts separately from us. If necessary, repairs can be carried out by our technical support.

If the battery dies after a while, you can replace it yourself and give your Stilus new life.


All HIZEN devices and popular accessories are developed by our young team in beautiful Baden-Württemberg. There we work with attention to detail to improve technology and design. And we always have an open ear for our customers.


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