HIZEN Crusher Herb Grinder

A perfect session requires optimal preparation.


Crush dried plant material quickly, effortlessly and evenly to release the full aroma and spectrum of active ingredients in the vaporizer.

With every twist you unlock the full potential of your herbs.

Basic Grinder 4,9 cm

Aluminium Grinder 4,9 cm

Aluminum Grinder 6.3 cm


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HIZEN Aluminium Grinder 49mm: oben links Gun Metal; unten rechts schwarzHIZEN Aluminium Grinder Schwarz 49mm
Aluminum grinder 49mm Sale price€14,99

Functional, stylish & durable grinders

A must for every session

The 4-part grinder gives you the best results

Material & Size

Choose between the ultralight aluminum grinder or the classic version made of zinc, as well as the inconspicuous and handy 49mm size for on the go or choose XXL grinding in the 63mm grinder.

Sharp grinder and magnetic lid

Pour in the herbs, put the lid on and turn. The sharp grinding teeth take care of the rest. The almost airtight lid with neodymium magnet keeps the contents safe and fresh.

Pollen catcher and scraper

The finest particles pass through the pollen sieve into the bottom chamber of the grinder. With the pollen scraper you can collect the precious remains yourself - nothing gets lost.