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Convection vs. conduction - different heating methods for herbal vaporizers Before you compare the different features of vaporizers, you should decide which heating method is right for you before b...

Hash vs. Cannabis Blüten - Die Duell der Cannabisprodukte: Ein Vergleich für Kenner - HIZEN

Hash vs. cannabis flowers - The duel of cannabis products: A comparison for connoisseurs

Today we dive into the exciting world of cannabis products and dedicate ourselves to a legendary duel: hash versus cannabis buds. We will explore the differences between these two popular varieties...

Warum das Zerkleinern von Cannabis vor dem Vapen wichtig ist: Der Schlüssel zu einem unvergleichlichen Dampferlebnis! - HIZEN

Why crushing cannabis before vaping is important: the key to an incomparable vaping experience!

Welcome, dear vapor enthusiasts! Today we explore a crucial step for all vaporizer enthusiasts - grinding cannabis before vaping. A simple process that can affect the entire vapor experience. Let's...

Worauf du beim Kauf von Verdampfern achten solltest - HIZEN

What you should look out for when buying vaporizers

When you decide to buy your first (or second or fifth) vaporizer, you will quickly notice that there are now a variety of brands and models on the market. But which device is right for you? In this...

CBD-Blüten im Vaporizer - HIZEN

CBD flowers in the vaporizer

CBD flowers: a guide to correct use and temperature in the vaporizer The active ingredient CBD is a legal option for the medical treatment of bodily ailments. In this article, we explain what exact...

Die richtige Reinigung für deinen Vaporizer – Anleitung & Tipps für „sauberes Verdampfen - HIZEN

The right cleaning for your vaporizer - instructions & tips for "clean vaporizing

The right cleaning for your vaporizer - instructions & tips for "clean vaporizing" It should go without saying that your vaporizer needs regular cleaning. But how does it work & what do y...